System analysis, risk analysis, requirements management, systems management, system synthesis, enterprise architecture, and change management

Principles, causal models, the role of intuition in business, PR FAQ, people-centric approach to invention, critical rationalism

Statistics, causality, causal modelling, mediation analysis, counterfactuals, causal representation learning, ethical AI, philosophy of research, the power of abstractions, and systems thinking

The formality of thinking. If you have never seen the word “schemoid” before, consider this very picture: it looks like a schema, but is not as formal as a circuit schema of an electronic device, for instance.

The theoretical part

The open-ended discovery

Reference frames, ontologies, systems thinking, and an idea of a “mind gardener” tool

Evergreen notes don’t reflect the mental maps of one’s mind

Roman Leventov

Writing about systems, technology, philosophy.

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