The purpose of life is to participate in evolution through action

Most conceptions of meaning and value could be cast in terms of evolution

One of the possible formulations of the meaning of life in Christianity and Judaism is the evolution of the soul: getting rid of sin. Salvation could be seen as an evolutionary transition (in biology, this means the emergence of a new level of organization). Reincarnation is also reminiscent of the soul’s evolution.

Evolution can be seen as multilevel learning

See the paper “Towards a Theory of Evolution as Multilevel Learning” by Vanchurin, Wolf, Katsnelson, and Koonin:

Find the meaning of life through action

A lot of philosophers, spiritual teachers, and psychologists adopt this idea.

Learn by moving (and through action)

Learning by moving is one of the attributes of general intelligence, per Jeff Hawkins:



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Roman Leventov

Roman Leventov

Writing about systems, technology, philosophy.